First Ride (It Really Works)

By bikedrumtao

April 27, 2010

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A very exciting evening! After completing the circle I couldn’t resist trying it out. Pants off, stretching, deep breaths, and I was ready to go. I felt very nervous. Picking up speed, I circled and circled on the carpet, waiting to make the jump in speed, the discrete translation from one plane to another! With a quick lane change, I moved up onto the surface. Within seconds I knew it was a success! Effortless! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I was yelling, Elliot was yelling, we were all shrieking in the library at 1am: “It works!” The wind on my skin was the best part. Or maybe the sound…yes, the sound may have been better. The wood creaked and hummed with a rolling vibration. Sara had left hours earlier and returned by bike, rolling past the building on the sidewalk. Through the window she saw my head whiz by, thinking she had imagined it. She came into the library and yelled along with us in excitement. That’s when it really sunk in– Circulus worked! Elliot rode it as well. We both agreed it was a bit rickety, but I think that will improve with the addition of a final layer of 1/4″ MDF on top of the plywood.


One Response to “First Ride (It Really Works)”

  1. How and when can I ride Circulus?

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