Final Piece Added: Circle Complete!

By bikedrumtao

April 27, 2010

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Carl Norlen, Sam Lewis, and Elliot Dumont all deserve honorary mention for his night’s work. We surprised ourselves by completing just under half of the track by midnight, connecting the circle with unit number 39! Fitting all of the pieces together took some finesse. I had designed the ribs and guides with too small a tolerance considering the warp and bow of the 2 x 4s (the non-CNC’d component). As a result, I had to space the guides farther out than they should have been which created some minor problems– nothing a lot of brute force couldn’t take care of. Using two Bessey clamps, some strong 2″ deck screws and a trusty Makita impact driver, I got most of them to cinch together pretty well, considering the inconsistencies of the lumber. Elliot and Carl were there to celebrate the final installation with me. It was amazing to feel it finally all come together.


One Response to “Final Piece Added: Circle Complete!”

  1. This is a really interesting project!
    I’d like to know more, please get in touch!

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