Building in the Library Moves Quickly!

I spoke with Sara last night about how much fun I am having working on the project. I told her that it feels like a perfect exit from this place. Sometimes I think about having a tragic terminal illness that left my perceived health intact while opening up the possibility of a living funeral. You’d be so loved on your way out. Everyone you knew and cared about would drop what they were doing to come say goodbye and party, like a big climactic finale. Even though I don’t think I’ll be facing death anytime soon, I’ll be really sad to say goodbye to this place and my friends here. Having the library and working on the track has opened up a space for my favorite people to constantly circulate through, whether they happen to walk by and see the lights on inside or plan to come for the night to do work alongside my banging and hammering. It’s like a reminder of all the friendships I’ve been lucky enough to form this past school year– a vignette of encounters with everyone that has made life good here. In the past, my work has been solitary in a sterile studio space; it’s a nice change to have company all the time. It’s also more fulfilling to share  moments of elation with friends who’ve seen the endless hours that have gone into the project. Many of them have generously volunteered big chunks of their days and nights to helping me build, which is also a remarkable gift. When it is complete, it will mean a lot more because of all the interactions that have surrounded its build process.

The social aspect of Circulus has become the most fun part of it all. Here’s to circulation!


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